Whatsapp Broadcast Ne Demek?

whatsapp’ın toplu sms gibi toplu mesaj göndermenize yarayan özelliği. bazı bilinmesi gerekenler: – her bir broadcast listesi 256 kişiyle sınırlı.

How do I broadcast a list on WhatsApp?

If you open your WhatsApp application and go to chats, you can find “Broadcast lists” right above your most recent conversation. Here, you can create a new broadcast list. Once you’ve added phone numbers to the list, you can give the list a name and shoot your first message.

What are the limitations of WhatsApp broadcast messages?

However, a WhatsApp broadcast message still has its limitations. You can only send a broadcast message to people who saved you on their phone as a contact. Also, you can select a maximum amount of 256 contacts to your broadcast list.

Can the recipient see that the message is broadcasted on WhatsApp?

Although it looks like you’re communicating in a group, the recipient can’t see that the message is broadcasted. They will receive the message as a private message. WhatsApp broadcast first was a private feature, but it’s now also available for businesses.

How do I send a message to a broadcast list?

Search for or select the contacts you want to add. Tap the check mark. This will create a new broadcast list. When you send a message to the broadcast list, it’ll be sent to all recipients in the list who have your number saved in their phones’ address book.

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